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Should You Buy Property North Or South Of The Swan River?

Moving home is by no means an easy decision. There are a multitude of factors determining whether your move will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, or moreover a nightmare. Locational choice is a key factor which should not be taken lightly. Thankfully, both North and South of the Swan River are inspired choices for relocation, and Nicheliving has multiple developments within the vicinity of popular, infill areas. However, there are a couple of considerations to bear in mind which differentiate the two locations. So, if you’re looking for more advice as to which will suit you better, then read on.

Arguments in Favour of North of the River

North of the river is known to be quieter and more spaced out than Southside. Characterised by fantastic schools, great beaches, and shopping malls, residents fall in love with its charm instantly. Trigg Beach makes for a truly majestic walk, and if you choose to locate here then you can benefit from the impressive Karrinyup and Joondalup Lakeside shopping complexes, with an extensive range of dining ranges, and outlets to serve your everyday needs. The North also has a slightly better nightlife scene than South of the river. Localities such as Mount Lawley, Subiaco and Leederville have an extensive range of options to cater for both a quiet and big night out – and a range of budgets.

Arguments in Favour of South of the River

South of the river is perhaps slightly more scenic than Northside. For example, one can easily indulge in the scenery when driving along the Kwinana Freeway, or experience life within close walking distance of natural water bodies. Cottosloe beach will also be within walking distance no matter which suburb you choose to locate. Like the North, you will benefit from top shopping malls by locating here. To name just a couple, Garden City and Carousel harbour a number of outlets, and even a premium cinema which both you and your family can enjoy. The South is more family-oriented, and this is reflected in the excellent public schools on offer which reduce the need for families to send their children into the city. For example, the notable Willetton Senior High School is within the vicinity – an establishment which Nicheliving’s new Willetton development is within the zone for.

On Balance… 

On balance, locating to either North or South of the Swan River are good choices for you and your family. Whilst each location has its quirks, both have great beaches, schools and malls, and you can guarantee with Nicheliving that our properties are proximally close to such for convenient living. It is recommended that you engage in further research to get a feel for each place and find somewhere that you will be truly happy with. Get in touch with us today – we are more than happy to help you to secure the property of your dreams in an amazing location!