Atwell Exterior

The Best Reasons To Invest In Property In Atwell

Situated around 13 miles south of Perth City, the quaint suburb of Atwell is becoming an increasingly popular destination site for first time property investors. Its excellent location and contemporary design influences make it a favoured location for maturing couples and families. Read on to see why now is the time to start thinking about moving to one of the fastest-growing property development locations in Western Australia.

Owing to its close proximity to both central and the beach, Atwell strikes a fine balance between urban and coastal influences. This allows property investors to enjoy the riches of both diverse forms of lifestyle. With a highly efficient transport infrastructure network, you needn’t worry if your work or personal contact network are based closer towards the centre. A freeway and regular train service operates across the suburb, making Atwell an ideal location for commuters and those with children whom attend school in the city. Make no mistake about it though – those whom settle here will attest the feeling of being a world away from the hustle and bustle of central.

With plenty of greenery, parks and water bodies across Atwell (all of which make for great views from Nicheliving properties!), it is a pleasant, friendly neighbourhood. Crime statistics are low across the board, making here an ideal location to raise a family. Atwell also benefits from being on the doorstep of the entertainment-rich Cockburn Central, one of the fastest growing suburbs in Western Australia. Cockburn Central is of course home to the ever-expanding Gateway Shopping Centre, with its diverse range of dining and high-street outlets making for an ideal retreat if you are looking for an alternative away from the city.

Nicheliving properties in Atwell aim to capitalise on the riches of the suburb, allowing you to enjoy an affordable, modernistic apartment with fantastic views and nearby conveniences. Within a stone’s throw of the Harvest Lakes Shopping Centre, you will be able to enjoy a range of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment experiences for you and your family. Our apartments are also close to transport infrastructure networks, including the Aubin Grove Train Station and the Kwinana Freeway, ensuring that you are never far away from exploring the best of Western Australia culture.

With 2×1 and 1×1 apartments designed by award-winning architect Zuideveld Marchant Hur available, get in touch with us today so that we are able to help you to secure the property of your dreams!