The Great Christmas Tree Debate; Real Or Fake?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the whole process of putting up a tree! The most recognised symbol of Christmas, aside from Father Christmashimself, a tree is like a beacon for the jolly season itself. Choosing the decorations for the tree, deciding on where it’s going to go and whether to buy a fake tree or a real one is all part of the fun.
If you’re still deciding on whether to go with a real Christmas tree to keep the authenticity or thinking of the convenient option, then here’s the positives and negatives of both to help you decide.

Authentic Christmas Trees

The real trees, called Evergreens, have become popular the world over. Many major cities have a long tradition with large ferns such as spruces, pines, or firs becoming an icon in their town centres. Some have even found their way into history with famous ones such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree dating back to 1933.


They smell great – Despite what many may think, real trees have a wonderfully sharp, sweet, and refreshing. Walking into your home and smelling the fresh scent of a balsam fir will really get you in the Christmas mood.

Environmental benefits – Real trees are both recyclable and renewable. Every time a real tree is bought a new tree is planted for every one that is cut down. In addition, farms that grow trees emit fresh oxygen, stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife.


Costly – A real tree is going to hurt the wallet a little more than any fake oneYou’ll also need to buy a proper stand that can hold water to keep the tree alive for as long as possible. On top of this you’ll need to invest in a new one every year.

Continuous care – They’ll need constant monitoring and regular care to keep the tree in check and to stop bugs and fungi. There’s also more mess than a fake tree so you’ll be spending some extra time cleaning up and looking after it.

Fake Christmas Trees

Man made Christmas trees aren’t quite as highly regarded as their real counterparts, but their simplicity and convenience make them a good choice for different reasons. There are many varieties of trees ranging in sizes, prices and styles so there’s something for everyone.


Cost savings – The main advantage to a fake Christmas tree is they cost less than a real one. You can pick up one for a good price and they’ll last many years.

Convenience – Once you’ve bought a good quality fake Christmas tree they need next to no maintenance. When Christmas is around the corner all you have to do it pop it up and you’re good to go. They’re quick and easy, there’s no watering needs, and no messy clean-up afterwards.


Non-recyclable – Although you may use them for many years, fake trees are generally made from some form of PVC which is a nightmare for the environment. There are nonbiodegradable and the plastic can’t be recycled. Once you throw it out, they’ll be on landfill forever. Not good if your environmental conscious.

Aesthetics – A fake tree just doesn’t have the same wow factor. If you opt for a cheap version, they can look phoney and synthetic. Depending on the room and your other Christmas decorations, an artificial tree can diminish your overall style and cheapen the whole design.

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