The Perks of Apartment Living

The Perks of Apartment Living

The ‘Australian dream’ of successfully owning your own home, though obviously admirable, is starting to look a little bit different in 2021. Investors, young professionals, downsizers, retirees and even families are coming around to the idea of experiencing a new era of living; apartment living.

There are some major perks that come along with setting yourself up in an apartment including access to amenities, a sense of community, increased security and sustainability, great locations at a lower cost, other financial advantages, and a low maintenance lifestyle, as well as still being able to revel in the success of owning your own slice of Perth paradise.

Abundance of amenities

One of the major perks of apartment living, and probably the most renowned, is the potential abundance of amenities you may have access to. Some facilities that apartment buildings tend to include consists of a balcony, fitness centre, laundry room, swimming pool, community room and sometimes a business centre, playground, and childcare centre.

Some would say Nicheliving’s Sky Homes development has taken standard amenities and transformed them into an enviable offering of world class facilities. These facilities comprise of a rooftop sky deck lounge, sky theatre, alfresco area, outdoor kitchen, e-gym, sky cabana, rooftop dining area, manicured gardens, communal areas, and multi-use spaces.

Amenities are designed to enhance your lifestyle with many resources tailored just for you, so why not take advantage.

Financial freedom

There are many financial advantages that living in an apartment offers as compared to a house, one of which is that the cost of running an apartment versus a home is significantly lower – which means increased savings. The cost of running a house makes saving for the future or a ‘rainy day’ much more difficult. Comparatively, you’re able to save more when residing in an apartment because your expenses are smaller.

You save when it comes to furnishing the space, rent, electricity, heating, cooling and water bills, gym memberships, and it might mean that if you are centrally located that you don’t have to drive to work, saving you parking fees and petrol expenses.

Speaking of location, you may have always dreamt of living in a particular suburb, but the house prices are way too high. Considering an apartment instead can mean that you could live in your ideal location, allowing you to effortlessly access all the modern conveniences right on your doorstep for less of the cost.

Several building and construction companies that develop apartment complexes, Nicheliving included, are beginning to implement renewable energy in all common areas which dramatically decreases the strata fees tenants must pay.

Seamless sustainability

If you live in the right apartment complex, leading a sustainable lifestyle can be practically seamless. Sky Homes, Nicheliving’s Inglewood development, consists of intelligent designs and eco-friendly technology that provides owners with 100% renewable energy, reducing the negative impact on our environment, as well as overall strata costs.

The eco-friendly tech generates renewable energy for 15% less than the cost of regular power in common areas through utilising solar micro-grids coupled with carbon-friendly construction methods and innovative wastewater management systems.

Low maintenance lifestyle

In almost all apartments that you will come across, majority of the upkeep is the responsibility of the landlord, meaning the onus isn’t solely on you. Comparatively, if you want to buy and be your own landlord, the maintenance involved is still significantly less than what is required when trying to manage the preservation of a house.

Not to mention the smart home technology that is available, making everyday life a breeze by giving you the option to set your apartment up with home automation controlled by your phone, tablet, and voice. This newest development in smart home technology has introduced smart appliances, interfaces, and locks, as well as automated lighting, blinds, and air conditioning.

With Nicheliving, staying connected to the wider world is easy considering that Sky Homes has the suburb’s fastest internet, as well as being completely Wi-Fi enabled in all common areas. It is also important to foster some sense of real community with the people that live directly next door, and to do this Nicheliving have introduced Connected Communities. The app functions to connect you with your fellow apartment owners, as well as a tool to pay your bills, and book out communal areas.

Smart security solutions

Apartments are the ideal choice for people that frequently work away or spend the majority of their day at the office – there is no need to worry about anything after you lock up and leave. Sky Homes in particular offers security measures such as smart lockers and locks, bike storage facilities, number plate recognition, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, video intercom, and secure remote access within the complex. You truly can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Nicheliving have several apartments for sale in popular and up and coming suburbs throughout Perth. If you’re interested in partaking in this seamless lifestyle, get into contact with us today.