the resort look

The Resort Interior Style

Imagine having the feeling like you’re on holiday whilst still being at home. With The Resort interior style, that dream becomes a reality.

By harvesting some of the stunning designs from the world’s finest resorts, The Resort concept transforms you off to a faraway exotic location with resort-style relaxation and an elegantly stylish design, and places it all in the comfort of your own home.

The home becomes your sanctuary and allows you to relax and leave behind the busy lifestyles we all now lead. The moment you walk through the front door you will feel an instant wave of unsurpassed luxury from the moment of arrival.

Australians love to travel and see the world and stay in different luxury resorts, and it’s only natural that we would want to bring a little of that lifestyle home with us. Nicheliving can help you to achieve this desired interior look and bring that influence back when building your home to help reflect the setting, materials as well as the feeling of being at a resort.
The vibrant and colourful design of the Resort interior style helps to transform a space into a tranquil resort-style haven. The Resort style embraces a clutter free approach, open-plan areas with bright and airy spaces which means you can kick back and relax in both comfort and style. This helps to bring the feeling of being outdoors within the walls of your home. The overall effect being that you will love the relaxed, easy living feel that the resort-style architecture gives you.
Resort style is all about laid-back luxury. This relaxing interior scheme permits timber, pastel greens and soft hues to feature heavily throughout which ends up creating a tranquil, tropical ambiance all within the confines of your home.

The Resort look continues as you move outdoors with vibrant day beds to relax on as well as installing a pool if your budget and block size allows. Other additions which can feature are curtained gazebos which can instantly create a luxury resort-feel as well as a lush tropical backdrop which will help create the signature resort feel.

If you want the luxury that you’re used to in exotic resorts in your own home, with Nicheliving you can achieve this and help to create an interior that alludes to being on holiday, all year round.