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The Top Kitchen Trends For 2018

There is no doubt about it – the kitchen is the heart of the home. Be it a family meal or a social gathering, you’ll likely be spending a lot of your downtime in the kitchen. As such, it’s worth making the effort to craft a space that you and your close ones will love. As home improvement experts, Nicheliving have compiled a list of the hottest trends in kitchen design for 2018 to fuel your creative juices:

Colour Schemes
Say it quietly, but pristine white tiles are out of trend. 2018 sees the return of warm tonal and pastel colours. House Beautiful also details the growth of bright colours and clashes, which are seemingly more appropriate for social hosting. Overall, now is the time to become more liberal with your colour choices, and experiment with your favourite tones.

Splashbacks are still right on trend in 2018 – although their design is becoming increasingly refined. Marble appears to be a popular splashback material choice, and is progressively replacing tiling design.

There is often a reason that the kitchen is the biggest room in the house, if only due to the amount you have to store there! You need to consider where you are going to place all of your tupperware, crockery, and cooking equipment, without it distracting from the vibrancy of your kitchen. A quick internet search will reveal some of the most innovative hidden storage solutions on the market – which are right on trend for this year.

‘Zonal’ Kitchens
Ideal Home discusses the trend whereby open-plan kitchens are being overlooked in favour of ‘zonal’ areas, such as raised surfaces and breakfast bars which separate your kitchen. This solution is a great compromise between total privacy, and exposed kitchen spaces in which your guests can cluster and interact.

The Growth of Technology
Technological integration continues to creep into kitchen design – and with good reason. Devices such as smart lighting, innovative refrigerators, and intricate kitchen appliances have made our lives easier, and are the envy of our guests. There is no reason for this trend not to continue into 2018.

Quartz and Marble
Quartz and marble are gaining attention as a material choice for kitchen countertops. Whilst remaining relatively low-cost, they add an elegant feel to your home, and blend with just about any design or colour. If you are looking to spice up your kitchen design in 2018, you could do worse than adding one of these countertops.

Whilst hardwood flooring is still commonplace, ceramic is growing in popularity. Easier to maintain and integrate into kitchen design, it may just have the edge over the traditional hardwood floor. Ceramic flooring is now available in a range of styles and designs – to the extent that you can even get ceramic flooring which replicates the hardwood look!

Owing to our years of expertise in home improvement solutions, Nicheliving is able to assist with all of your kitchen design needs. If you are looking to modernise your kitchen to fit the trends of 2018, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!