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Thinking Of Renovating Your Home? Here’s Why Summer Is The Best Time!

Most people associate summer with; great weather, fun with family and friends and getting out to enjoy an active lifestyle. It isn’t generally the time when you’re thinking about starting a home renovation project. But why not?
This season is perfect for tackling that renovation you’ve been looking to start for ages. The weather’s is at its best, life slows down and you’re more likely to have that extra time on your hands. Here’s why summer is the best season to renovate your home;

Better weather
One of the biggest benefits to doing a home renovation in the summer is the warmer weather. The whole process becomes far easier when the days are longer, there’s fewer weather delays and everyone is in a better mood. If you’re renovating your kitchen, then meals can be prepared outside, as summers the best time to utilise the BBQ.

Life slows down
Summer brings with it a more relaxed, happy vibe. Spirits are high, schools out and it’s a good time to plan a well-deserved holiday. A slower pace to life in general means more can get done. Even plan that next holiday to coincide with your renovation period, to make it much easier on you and the contractor. It’s also a great time to take parties and occasions outside as the weathers good so you can avoid the intrusive project.

Improved ventilation
During the renovation process, good ventilation is important to prevent dust and odours from sticking around. With the better weather, the summer months provides the perfect opportunity to open windows and doors without worrying about the rain and cold. Ensuring you have sufficient air flow throughout your home will make your renovation, cleaner, tidier and easier overall.

Summer inspiration
With the sunnier weather and a nicer atmosphere, summer is a great time to draw inspiration to freshen up your home. Harness the seasons natural lighting, colourful flowers and vibrant lifestyle to help decide on your updated look. Utilise summer trends and incorporate your personal style to help you decide on a vibe you love.
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