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Top Tips to help downsize your home before you move

Living in a large house is great for some families, but for others, the cost and effort of maintaining a large family home can become a burden. This is especially true after your kids have grown up and moved out. If you’re overwhelmed in your current home, moving to a smaller space is not only a great lifestyle change but also can be a great move both financially and mentally.

Does the word declutter make you shudder? Decluttering and downsizing can be a daunting task.

It doesn’t have to be with our best tips for a stress-free move.


Take inventory of your belongings

1 | Take Inventory of your belongings

When your downsizing to a smaller home, you naturally won’t have as much space for all the items you have accumulated throughout the years, especially if your kids have left a bunch of their belongings behind. As you sort through everything, it’s important to separate aspirational items from the ones you need.

For example, if you come across something you haven’t touched in over a year (unless it’s got a sentimental value) then it’s time to let it go. The entire purpose of downsizing is to simplify your life, so only take what you need with you.


Sort through items room by room

2 | Sort through items room by room

It’s very easy to get distracted when your packing up your home, the only advice we can give is to set yourself a system so you can stay organised. Gather three boxes or bins and label them as “Keep”, “Get Rid Of” and “Storage” and start in the rooms with the most clutter. Try to keep items that are useful in your daily life, once you have filled your “Keep” box in each room, you can then package it up and label it to make moving and unpacking a smoother process.


Attadale Living Room

3 | Create a plan to get rid of unwanted items

Once you have worked out which items aren’t coming with you to your new home then there are a range of options for getting rid of them.

  • Donate or Freecycle: emptying out wardrobes and cupboards is the perfect opportunity to give back. Create a pile of clothes, books, toys that are no longer required and other appliances that the Salvation Army accept and give your preloved goods to someone who deserves it.
  • Have a Garage Sale: this one is a great one if you have bulkier items that you need to sell. An alternative option is Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree however it can be easier to attempt to sell it from your garage all in the one day.
  • Rent a skip bin: depending on your council, you may qualify for 1 free skip bin a year so we highly recommend booking this in sooner rather than later so you can start discarding those larger items.
  • Pass down to loved ones: this is the perfect opportunity to pass down your pre-loved goods to your loved ones, think of it as rehoming.


Go digital where possible

4 | Go digital where possible

There is nothing worse than having to pack and carry boxes and boxes of paper, not only are they heavy to lift but they are painful to store, especially in a new home. Ditch the paper and attempt to go digital where possible.

Paper clutter can really add up over the years so now is the time to sort through old bills, receipts and other documents and recycle anything you don’t need. Scan any records and receipts you may need in the future, so you have a digital copy and shred the rest away.


Make the most of your storage spaces

5 | Make the most of your storage spaces

When you’re downsizing to a smaller home, it’s important to maximize any storage space you have as chances are you will have more items than space in your new home. While not every home has designated storage areas like a garage or ample cupboard space, there are certainly creative ways you can make the most of your storage spaces in your new home.

Creative storage ideas include creating built-in storage space where you can, box everything up to avoid ‘clutter’, make use of walls storage such as hanging shelves and lastly take advantage of hidden storage spaces where you can.

At Nicheliving, we understand the importance of storage, so the majority of our homes have ample amounts of storage options.


Measure furniture and wait to buy new things

6 | Measure furniture and wait to buy new things

The purpose of downsizing is to reduce the amount of living space which results in less maintenance and upkeep so chances are your furniture may be too large for your new living space.

While taking inventory of your belongings, measure your furniture to see if and how it will fit in your new space, and decide whether it will work or if it’s time to depart with it. It’s much easier to figure this out ahead of time, rather than moving a sectional couch into your new home to find it doesn’t fit.


Give yourself time and plenty of time

8 | Give yourself time and plenty of it

Overestimating how much is needed to be done before moving home is a common mistake so we recommend giving yourself plenty of time. Decluttering is a journey, so give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to plan for the move and downsize your belongings so your move can be stress-free.

Downsizing soon? Whether you need help packing and moving or selling your current home, our team of specialists are here to help so get in contact today.