Top Tips To Make Moving Into Your New House A Breeze!

Moving into a new home can be one of the biggest household tasks anyone will embark on in their lifetime. It can be exciting, yet stressful at the same time. Here’s a few top tips to keep in mind when your moving to a new house.

A crucial step to ensuring your belongings are protected, this should be one of the first things you do. Check with your current home insurance company as they may not cover you during transit. Let your insurance company know when you’re planning to move and what you need insured. Your home contents are your life. You can’t put a price on spending the extra time making sure they’ll be covered in the event of an accident.

Pack a ‘survival kit’
It’s not quite a survival kit as such but more a first night kit. Pack all the necessities you’re likely to need straight away in one convenient place. Your list of must-have items should include things like toiletries, tea and coffee, children’s special toys, phone chargers, school needs, pet requirements, bathroom necessities, medications, snacks, scissors, toilet paper and garbage bags. It’s a good idea to include anything that may be needed on short notice or that you use regularly.

Be organised with packing
This will make your unpacking five times easier. Put objects that are going into the same room in the same box. Then, label your boxes with the name of their new location. When it comes to unpacking you’ll straight away be able to put the boxes in the correct room and you’ll know everything in that box will be going in the correct location. This will remove the need to rummage through separate boxes to try and find that little elusive item.

Start packing early
If you have a moving out date planned then start working towards that date by slowly packing items weeks in advance. Think of moving to a new house as a marathon not a sprint. Start small by packing items that you don’t use regularly and that way you’re unlikely to use them in the time you’re in between houses.

Double check accessibility
Do a practise run to your new home before the big day. Review parking options and vehicle access so you’ll have a good idea what you’re up against when you make the move. Take time to identify moving hurdles such as stairwells, lifts or small entrances. Let your removalist know of any potential problems or hinderances in advance.

Book your removalists early
Ideally as early as you can. Good removalists will quite often be booked a while in advance. By planning your move you’ll have plenty of time for any changes so you’re not stressing out at the last minute. It’ll also ensure your belongings will be picked up on time and on the day you want.
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