What To Look For When Planning A Great Bathroom

Given that we average one and a half years of our lives in the bathroom, layout and design should be at the forefront of your mind when planning out your ideal home. However, with so many considerations, this can be a time-consuming process. Some factors to think about include, but are not limited to;

  • Look and impression – whether you favour a classical industrial design with visible plumbing, or a modern impression with fresh tiling and contemporary fittings, your bathroom theme should be congruent with the rest of your home. Making simple design adaptations – such as lighter colour schemes – can also assist in the impression of creating a larger space.


  • Layout – when designing your perfect bathroom, layout should be amongst the most important of your considerations. The location of bathroom fittings will largely be determined by piping arrangements, which are inconvenient and expensive to adapt after the initial design phase. Crafting a space which all of your household will be able to utilise should also consider storage arrangements for toiletries or medications which you wish to conceal.


  • Lighting – unlike other rooms in the house, bathroom lighting cannot be treated as an afterthought. This is a room that you will utilise at unsociable hours with little-to-no natural lighting. However, you don’t want to install bright lights which disrupt your sleep when you make a late night visit to the bathroom. It is for this reason that variable lighting fixtures are becoming more prevalent.


  • Ventilation – for obvious reasons, ventilation is imperative in the bathroom. A single window is insufficient to tackle condensation and odour problems. A good ventilation system should be effective in tackling excess moisture generated in the room to prevent the growth of mould, but should not be as loud as to become an annoyance when you are trying to unwind in the bath tub.


  • Household needs – each household varies in their needs of bathroom design and fittings. For larger families, it may be important to install twin basins and privacy separations so that multiple household members can use the bathroom simultaneously. For households with children or elderly members, it may be necessary to install safety features such as grips or anti-scolding devices. No two bathrooms can – or should – look the same!


At Nicheliving, we understand the importance of bathroom design tailored to your needs. All of our homes feature bathrooms designed by award-winning architects, whom work meticulously to craft spaces which are sleek and efficient. As such, all bathroom accessories and fittings are included as standard, so you can rest assured that there are no hidden costs. And with high-quality, water-efficient fixtures, you can also save some money on your maintenance costs!

Take a look at why our innovative designs are leading us to becoming one of the most renowned property services in the country, and get in touch today so that we can help you to craft a bathroom suitable for your needs.