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Whose Beaches Are Better, North Or South Of The River?

Whose beaches are better, North or South of the river?
It’s no doubt that Perth has some of the best beaches in Australia. Constantly ranked highly, the wonderful West Coast has a great variety of sandy spots for all types of beach lovers.

There is however, a friendly, long-standing rivalry between which half of Perth is better; North or South of the Swan River. These debates range from which side has the best shopping centres, the best houses or the best living areas. We believe the real debate comes down to one of Perth most loved selling points, it’s beaches.

It’s time to put this age-old rivalry to bed. Which area of Perth has the finest beaches; the North or the South?

The Best Of The North

Not just a beach, this popular tourist destination is an all-round entertainment hub filled with multiple bars, restaurants, an amphitheatre, and a skatepark.

The consistent surf makes Trigg a prime area for surfers and bodyboarders. The large beach is most suited to strong swimmers who enjoy a bit of wave action.

Mettam’s Pool
Located in North Beach, Mettam’s Pool is the perfect spot for snorkelling with its beautifully calm waters and great variety of fish.

City Beach
This aptly named beach is the closest to Perth’s city centre and offers a lovely stretch of sand with the popular Clancy’s Fish Bar right on the front.

The Best Of The South

One of Perth’s most well-known spots, this famous beach is full of life making it one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Bathers Beach Fremantle
As Perth’s first licenced beach, this lovely spot is perfect for a few quiet drinks with the bonus of being surrounded by all the action Fremantle has to offer.

Leighton Beach
A long stretch of soft white sand and a shallow sea is perfect for paddling. The calm waters and high winds are also good for windsurfers.

Secret Harbour 
Lying 62kms south of Perth, this wide beach offers good swimming and surfing conditions with many facilities.

Special mention

Rottnest Island
This little island is blessed with some of the most exquisite beaches in Australia. With a wonderful selection of locations for every type of beach goer, ‘Rotto’ is littered with white sandy spots, clear water havens, hidden bays and intimate cosy coves.

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