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Why you can afford to have it all with High End Nicheliving

For most of us, when it comes to building a house it’s usually a toss-up. A compromise of sorts. When we decide where to live, we are driven by what we can afford, not necessarily by what we want.

If we want a beautiful, well-built home, it’ll have to be miles away from anything and everything. No one will visit, and eventually we’ll stop venturing out, disheartened by the three busses, two trains and one e-bike we need to take to get anywhere worth going.

Alternatively, if we want to live somewhere central, perhaps near the beach or the river, we must make our peace with living in a shoebox, most likely without windows that open and an eternally strange smell.

But…what if we could have both? What if we could have the house and the location?


¿Por qué no los dos?

Recently, Perth Now published an article that listed the ten most expensive suburbs in Perth (and by association – the most desirable). The likes of which offer wide leafy streets, breathtaking views and every local amenity you could possibly wish for.

Crime rates are down, and your quality of life is up. In these green and glorious suburbs, the traffic flows freely and there are open spaces on every corner. This general ease of life brings with it a slower, more relaxed pace.

It’s location, location, location. So how do we find a house to match, without an eye-watering price tag?

This year, Nicheliving launched its High End Luxury home collection. The first of its kind on the market, High End makes the unimaginable attainable, allowing buyers to enjoy a stunning new luxury house in a sought-after suburb for expectational value.

Across Dalkeith, Cottesloe, Applecross, Nedlands and Como, High End Nicheliving delivers luxury house and land, offering an exhibition of true craftsmanship and elegance for exceptional value.

Traditionally, to play in these sought-after suburbs costs around $1.5 million for an apartment, or $3 million upwards for a house.

High End Nicheliving provides an all-inclusive full finished luxury build with hand-selected finishes and fittings by some of the industry’s highest calibre designers and stylists, giving buyers the chance to have their very own luxury two-storey townhouse from just $1.3million.

These homes provide unprecedented space and exclusive finishes, all in the affluent areas known for offering the best of the Perth lifestyle.

Explore High End Nicheliving’s different offerings on the website, and picture yourself living in one of the five most desirable suburbs of Perth.

Take a closer look – it’s a lifestyle worth living…why not?