Winter Apparel Storage Tips

Winter Apparel Storage Tips

With spring just around the corner, the warmer weather is sure to hit Australian homes sooner rather than later. As we begin to swap the woollen sweaters for shorts and t-shirts, we often find ourselves with wardrobe space at a premium – particularly if we’re in the mood to buy some new outfits to get on board with seasonal trends. It is times like these when Nicheliving find ourselves inundated with requests from customers asking us to assist in creating more storage space for their seasonal clothing rotations. Owing to our years of expertise in home improvement solutions, we are more than happy to help. So, if you are looking for some handy tips to maximise your wardrobe space, then read on.

Firstly, you should make a point of cleaning your clothes ahead of storage. Unfortunately, the Australian winter climate seldom allows such opportunities for thorough cleaning and airing of woollen clothing, meaning that all of the odours and residue has accumulated over the season. You definitely want to address that before you store or give away your winter clothing, or you risk them becoming ruined. You don’t have to be afraid of washing your woollen items, but you do have to be careful to prevent damage or shrinkage. Cleaning can easily be done the old-fashioned way; simply fill a basin with warm water and detergent, scrub the clothing, rinse, and leave to dry (repeating if necessary). Or ask your mother, she’ll probably know how to do it!

After cleaning your clothes, it is good practice to sort through them to see what you can afford to lose. Whilst it’s nice to have a wardrobe full of options, the reality is that you will never wear some of these pieces again. Perhaps they’re ill-fitting, not quite your colour, or simply outdated. You need to accept that it’s quite alright to let these pieces go. For the more expensive pieces, it might be possible to sell them on either through a reseller website or at a car boot sale. You could then put this income towards refreshing your wardrobe for the new season. Charities also need clothing of all types year-round, so if you are thinking of discarding some pieces, consider checking out the following websites as a starting point 

Once you’ve sorted through your winter clothing, it’s time to think about how you’re going to store them. Personally, we favour neat storage boxes which can be tucked under the bed or at the bottom of the wardrobe. This way, they don’t detract from the overall layout or design of your room, yet your clothes are easily accessible – and it saves you from being forced to throw them away. You can even use these when it’s time to rotate once again, to store your summer clothes. If you’re really pushed for storage, you can invest in vacuum packs which can reduce the bulk of your thick winter clothing.

As home improvement solution experts, Nicheliving is always on hand to help you to make the most of your space. Get in touch with us today, and you could be surprised about just how much we are able to help you! Do you have any further tips? Let us know